Instagram Captions… The bane of your life?

Instagram Caption Line Breaks

Instagram Captions… The bane of your life?


Be honest, does it take you just as long sometimes to write your caption than it does to edit your picture?

Believe us. You are not alone!

Did you know that the caption is just as important as the picture? Often underrated, captions can be an important tool that can make or break your post.

Good Instagram captions have the ability to add even more context to the post which could make a big difference with increasing your engagement, bio visits or click-throughs.


Here are some of our top tips on how to write your captions:


Practice – Always write at least 3 captions before posting to compare against each other. We bet you never use the first caption you wrote.

Short and sweet– People can only see the first couple of words in your post when scrolling through their feeds.

Put the important part first – Maybe try to spark curiosity by asking a question, using emojis or something that will catch people’s attention.

Call to action – Ask your followers to do something, comment below, follow you elsewhere or visit a link.

Add emojis – They show character and enhance the look of your caption

Use hashtags in your posts – They are like the SEO of Instagram and will only help you. They can help you get in on trending conversations and increase the chances of your content being found.

Be human– Again, spark conversations from your followers and reply

Tell a story!


Some final thoughts  

Remember, that all sounds super easy but thinking of captions can be hard. Don’t rush your caption and always measure the effectiveness of different types and what your audience engages with the best.

Combining a great picture with the best caption can take your content to the next level.



Sarah Kiernan
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