How to identify a credible influencer for your campaign

How to identify a credible influencer for your campaign


How to Identify a Credible Influencer for your Campaign


Although it’s very clear that Instagram has become the dominant player in the influencer marketing industry and will continue to grow in the coming years, the platform does have its share of issues it needs to address. In 2018 there was a spike in interest in buying fake followers on Instagram through bots. This has resulted in brands essentially selling to a ghost audience through an influencer, where the bottom line is that bots never make a purchase.

That being said, there’s a lot for brands to gain by entering into an alliance with an online personality, as influencer marketing gives a return of 11x the investment.

The base for any successful influencer campaign is to identify a credible and reliable influencer.

Two main ways an influencer can gain fake followers/engagement/growth:

  1. A big issue in the past year is the concept of buying fake followers. Typically, when an Instagram user buys fake followers, they buy 3,000-5,000 per day for a month, dramatically increasing their page followers and making them instantly more attractive to brands. Although Instagram started cracking down on third-party apps that offer this service near the end of 2018, spotting fake followers is still the #1 influencer marketing challenge for marketers in 2019.

  2. Like/engagement groups have also contributed to the growth of influencers. The account owner will put up a post, notify the group and get instant likes from real accounts. Each post will get 600-800 likes from accounts with 50k followers or more. The same can be achieved with comments.

How to identify illegitimate influencers

  1. Check the quality of the engagements on their posts: Legitimate comments often refer to the caption or the image but if you consistently see a lot of generic emoji’s such as 🔥🔥😍😍, this should start to ring alarm bells.

  2. Ask for a screenshot of their Instagram stories Insights: These statistics aren’t public unlike their post engagement and follower count, so chances are they won’t put as much effort into their engagement levels here.

  3. Paid content history: Influencers who are serious about their followers and their future on social media will be selective about what brands they work with. Followers rarely continue to follow accounts that push products that aren’t relevant to them. Try to find influencers that are selective about their partnerships and only promote brands that are relevant to their communities.


Icon Management makes use of the Influencer Marketing Cloud by Influencer DB, which allows us to provide detailed insights into suitable influencers for your campaign. We can evaluate their Growth Rate, their Like Follower Ratio, their Advertising Value and their audience demographic, providing very insightful, specific information on how the influencer would be a good fit for your campaign and exactly how much you should be paying them for their services.


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