ICON specializes in building, developing and managing the most successful digital campaigns for well-known brands. Our aim is to provide businesses with influencers who have a high quality and authentic reach across all social media channels.


We carefully source influencers in relevant markets by using our unique platform to provide audience insights and demographic details on the influencer, including like/follower ratio and their current growth rate. We ensure the price you pay for an influencer campaign is relevant and reflective of their current statistics


From developing a social media strategy, creative campaign design to campaign execution and analytical reporting, we ensure our clients take full advantage of the potential of influencer marketing. Once the influencer starts posting about your brand, we transform this valuable content into targeted ads to reach a wider audience and see results.


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Influencer Match

For every brand and campaign, there’s a perfect influencer. Whether it’s a once off campaign or sourcing influential figures in niche industries, we can connect you with the perfect influencer for your brand/campaign/budget.


We can develop an overall concept for your businesses online appearance in the
relevant social media channels with the relevant influencers. We act as your partner from the conception to the implementation.

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When an influencer genuinely endorses your brand, it shows. That’s why our content strategies give them the freedom to be authentic on the platforms where they have the most power. We assist on the creativity of the campaign to ensure both parties are happy.

Ads Management

Assist you on the implementation of paid ads to ensure the influencer campaign reaches it’s full potential of its intended target market.

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Reporting min

Tracking and measurement

All of our campaigns are tailored to your goals. We track campaign progress, report on influencer performance and ROI. With the right tools, we track, measure and optimize to deliver exceptional results. We measure it all from start to finish and provide you with transparent and tangible insights.



Now the most effective way of marketing online. Due to large fan base the influencer has a great reputation with the public and is the expert in a particular area or topic.

Brand Awareness

Influencers are seen to be a great influence amongst their followers.

Target market

Picking the correct influencer will let you hit your ideal target market.


Direct channel of communication with your ideal customer.

Return on Investment

Collaborating with influencers generates excellent value for money when your aim is to connect with a target market. The great thing about these collaborations is that every activity can be analysed.


The influencer can drive a large volume of traffic to your website and social media channels and allows you to convert more leads.


Influencers can create high-quality, engaging content about your brand that can be used on your brands platforms.

Grow your social following

Brands social media platforms often receive a lot of growth as a result of an influencer campaign

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