5 Powerful Ways to help you boost your Facebook Organic Reach!


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5 Powerful Ways to help you boost your Facebook Organic Reach


Ok, we all know Facebook has changed and a lot fewer people want to use the social network for promoting their business. But did you know that Facebook is still not ‘dead’ and if used correctly can be another very powerful social network for your business?

Over the last number of years, the algorithm has changed lots and has left a bad taste in a lot of business and influencers mouths. It has left people feeling disheartened and has had an effect on their organic Facebook reach.

What is Organic Reach?

The number of unique users who saw your page post in their newsfeed or on your page, not as a result of an ad or a boosted post.

While it has definitely become more difficult to perform well organically, it is still possible. Facebook has decided to create more meaningful interactions which means that friends, family and groups are showing on your newsfeed much higher than business pages 🙁

Here are our 5 Powerful Ways to help you boost your Facebook Organic Reach

What are you engaging with a lot more online?? Video? Correct, video is becoming the most popular format. Therefore you should be capitalizing on this. Create videos that capture people’s attention and in the first 3-5 seconds. We need to be emotionally connected to stay on something for a long period of time so try and keep that in mind. Can you solve a problem or highlight that in the first couple of seconds that’s gonna make me want to stay tuned in?

Live videos 

Yes, you read that right. Live videos can receive up to 6 times more interactions than normal videos. Users also spend more than 3 times longer on a live video than any other video.

Diversify your content 

Make sure you change up what you post and don’t always rely on one format. Here are some other formats you could post:

– Stories

– Images

– Quotes

– Blogs

– GIF’s

– Polls

– Questions

Publishing time 

This is essential! Posting when your audience is online will increase visibility and organic reach. Look back through your posts and see what time people seem to be engaging with you more.


Respond and Engage 

Ensure you comment back, like posts and just engage with your followers.


Why not invest more into your Facebook and see if these tips can help you?


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